Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Moving On

An update: I've left Embarcadero Technologies.

There's a lot of reasons. I was in the same position for more than six years, but I didn't necessarily want to be pigeonholed as a compiler guy. I was working remotely from London, with all the downsides that remote working entails: relative lack of camaraderie, out of sight / out of mind, disconnection from the actually quite vibrant local tech scene (I live about 3 miles from Old Street roundabout). But more than anything else, I'd fallen out of love with Delphi, and could no longer motivate myself to try and make it better - the gap I'd try to bridge would be a gap too far for the market to bear.

I'm currently taking stock, thinking about what I want to do next. No specific plans, but it's going to be fairly different than what went before!