Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lang.NET Symposium videos are up - in WMV

The Lang.NET symposium videos are up, but the user interface over there is pushing Silverlight. The videos are actually in WMV format. The URLs are hidden in StartPlayer.js. If you want to avoid having to install Silverlight, these urls should do (mind the spaces): - Keynote - Jason Zander.wmv - CSharp3 - Anders Hejlsberg.wmv - Lively Kernel - Dan Ingalls - Sun.wmv - JScript - Pratap Lakshman.wmv - Irony and ERP Language Challenges - Roman Ivantsov.wmv - Democratizing the Cloud with Volta - Erik Meijer.wmv - Newspeak - Gilad Braha - Cadence.wmv - Resolver One - Giles Thomas - Resolver.wmv - Retargeting DLR - Seo Sanghyeon.wmv - Visual Basic - Paul Vick.wmv - PHP - Wez Furlong.wmv - Phalanger - Tomas Petricek.wmv - Pex - Peli de Halleux.wmv - Numerical Computing with the CLR - Jeffrey Sax - Extreme Optimization.wmv - remotion Mixins - Stefan Wenig and Fabian Schmied - rubicon.wmv - CodeIt - Serge Baranovsky - submain.wmv - IronRuby - John Lam.wmv - Ruby.NET - Wayne Kelly.wmv - FSharp - Luke Hoban.wmv - Parsing Expression Grammars in FSharp - Harry Pierson.wmv - NStatic - Wesner Moise - SoftPerson.wmv - Moonlight and Mono - Miguel de Icaza.wmv - Visual Studio Shell - Aaron Marten.wmv - Modeling and Languages - Don Box.wmv - Modeling and Languages - Don Box_1.wmv - Cobra - Chuck Esterbrook.wmv - Intentional - Magnus Christerson.wmv
You didn't read it here :)

Edit: As nbrooks commented, you'll need to install the WVC1 codec to view the videos (if you haven't actually installed Silverlight). You can get it here:


Unknown said...

Note if you are on Windows XP you'll need to install WVC1 codec to watch them (well the ones I wanted to watch required it).

More information about the download:

More information about the codec:

Craig said...

It's not so much that I want to avoid installing Silverlight; it's that Silverlight won't install at all on my work machine....

Anonymous said...

Apparently they don't really appreciate direct links to the WMV files so it looks like you need to go via the Silverlight player on the site to view the videos.